I have had my Samsung Galaxy S5 for a couple of years now.
In the interim I have heard quite a few ex users of it complain it has was a battery eater regardless of doing all the things one should do.
Now that newer phones are out, have you heard or read the same?
I ask because I was thinking of getting a new phone.
On one hand, except for the battery issue, it preforms as well as and has almost as many bells etc as new phones - although only marshmallow,no nougat.
My son went from LG to Pixel and says the difference is remarkable but that does not help with Galaxy S5.
My daughter has this S5 an all she hears is how awful the battery is from her cohorts at work.
I would keep it if the battery story is not true because I have never owned another phone to compare it with. But if I can get a much better battery with a newer phone, I may go for it. I hate to go to Verizon to try other phones as you really do not have time to test the battery and they are so pushy to sell a new one.
What is your opinion since so much time has elapsed about this battery issue. What would you recommend if a new one is a good idea?
Thanks for listening