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Power bank for Galaxy S5

This is a discussion on Power bank for Galaxy S5 within the Galaxy S5 Accessories forums, part of the Galaxy S5 Forum category; I have an iPhone 7plus and a Samsung galaxy s5. I leave it plugged into Tattu charger over night and the charger is plugged in ...

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Thread: Power bank for Galaxy S5

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    Power bank for Galaxy S5

    I have an iPhone 7plus and a Samsung galaxy s5. I leave it plugged into Tattu charger over night and the charger is plugged in the wall. When I leave in the am I take my phones and the charger with me. About halfway though mid day I plug them into the charger which doesn’t need to be plugged in. In a very short amount of time, my phones are back to 100%. I can again use them for a few more hours. On the ride home I have enough to charge them again and even charge my pip battery for my fpv goggles to go flying once I get home. This is a small portable powerbank that recharges everything pretty fast. The side Led tells me how much juice is actually left before I have to plug it into a wall to charge the unit. I like how I can charge the unit and still use it at the same time. What's power bank do you used?
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    I don't use one. My phone lasts long enough with my use over a 10/12 period. I plug it in my car when driving and to a USB plug at my home computer when home. I keep most things off like email that others use regularly. I have computer access for that or can't use it anyway.

    But I did help my kids and wife with theirs. They did not pick based on brand but price point and capacity. For a power hungry user like two of the kids (adults the use phones for work extensively) the price point was $50, then down to $30. They have been using them for 3 or 4 years. I did a quick check today and you can get pretty good capacity numbers for $20 or less.

    When the 1,000 mAh, 2,500 mAh even 3,000 mAh have become give aways at some conventions with advertiser logos on them almost all the larger ones work great.
    I saw capacities like 5,000 mAh, 10,000 mAh, 30,000 mAh, even 50,000 mAh etc all for under $20 this morning.

    I have not checked in about a year, but iPhone does not use the international electrical charging standard that all others use. So what does this mean? Chargers with a USB cord only. The iPhone uses all four wires and expects a data signal from the charging block. All other do not. They use only the two power wires and not the data wires. And some non iPhone cables are for charging only, very thin cable with only two wires and cheap, not data capable. They roll up into those little wheels.

    The "universal" USB chargers thus limit the rate of charge to non iPhone devices, not the total charge but the rate. This is because there is no data signal from the device to the charger.

    I do have car chargers with two or more USB outlets with one marked iPhone and the others are not. Probably not important for your case. But if you need more Amps while using a non iPhone device you may not get it. I have not seen this on the power bricks.

    It's important for me on longer trips (say an hour or more) with my phone giving me google map directions, talking on the phone and the phone playing the sports radio station from back home all at the same time.

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    I get an email from a local electronic/computer store Micro Center about daily.
    Today just after I posted the reply above, it had a 2,600 mAh for $0.99.

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